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2014 Honors and Awards

Prior Years



University Awards

2014 Alumni Teaching Award (from the Academy for Teaching Excellence) Dana Hawley
2014 Virginia Tech Alumni Award for Outreach Excellence Mike Rosenzweig
2014 Diggs Teaching Scholar Lori Blanc
Virginia Tech Academy of Faculty Service Fellow Ann Stevens
2014 Virginia Tech's CIDER Teacher of the Week Art Buikema (January 2014)
2014 Favorite Faculty Members Art Buikema
Daniel Capelluto
Jack Evans
Khidir Hilu
Mike Rosenzweig
George Simmons
2014 VT Excellence in Access and Inclusion Award Jeb Barrett
2014 Virginia Tech Graduate Student of the Year Honorable Mention Bianca Baker
2014 Virginia Tech Graduate School Outstanding Dissertation Award Honorable Mention Reza Sohrabi
2014 Cunningham Doctoral Scholar Sabina Noll


College of Science Awards

2014 College of Science Certificate of Teaching Excellence Brent Opell
2014 College of Science Outstanding Doctoral Student Joshua Nicholson
2014 College of Science Outstanding Senior Dasha Nesterova


Department Awards

2014 Outstanding Undergraduate Advisors Jack Evans and Ann Stevens
2014 Outstanding Research Award John Phillips
2014 Outstanding Service Awards Michael Fox and Liwu Li
2014 Outstanding Teaching Awards Diya Banerjee and Steve Melville
2014 Staff Excellence Award Bobbie Niederlehner
Class of 2014 Most Influential Professor George Simmons
2014 Research Day Best Oral Presentation Josh Nicholson
2014 Research Day First Place Poster Award, EEB Division Sahnzi Moyers
2014 Research Day First Place Poster Award, MCMC Division Benjamin Webb
2014 Research Day Second Place Poster Award, EEB Division Matt Becker
2014 Research Day Second Place Poster Award, MCMC Division Jordan Mancl
2014 Research Day Best Poster by a First or Second-Year Student Laura Schoenle Thomas


Other Awards

2014 Mitchell A. Byrd Award from the VA Society for Ornithology Dana Hawley
2014 Journal of Plankton Research Outstanding Reviewer Cayelan Carey
2014 Leo Bourassa Award from the VA Lakes and Watershed Association Alexandra Gerling
2014 Outstanding PREP Presentation, Second Annual Mid-Atlantic PREP and IMSD Symposium Kevin Hughes
Best Poster Award, 2014 VT Molecular Plant Sciences Program Mini-Symposium Benjamin Webb
Best Student Oral Presentation Award, Structural Biology, Biochemistry and Biophysics Division, 2014 Annual Meeting of the VA Academy of Sciences Xiaolin Zhao
Third Place Poster Award, 7th Annual Woodpecker Conference Michelle Jusino
Lukas Landler
James Skelton
Jeff Walters
2014 Stacey Smith Biology Research Excellence Award Elizabeth Lee
2014 Biology Alumni Undergraduate Research Excellence Award Zach Gajeweki
2014 Robert Jones Undergraduate Research Excellence Award David Vasquez
Second Place Poster Award, 4th Interdisciplinary Research Symposium of the Iota Delta Rho Society Hang Zhang
2014 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Tamara Fetters
2014 U. of Alabama-Birmingham Undergraduate Neuroscience Society Distinguished Scholar Award Mike Friedlander
2014 Dave Pearson Watershed Excellence Award Cayelan Carey